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Jaymes Lowe

Policy Statement
Currently I am completing an undergraduate degree in Outdoor and Environmental Education at the Gippsland campus. I will be in my second year of this degree and prior to this completed FAST as an alternative entry pathway. As the secretary for the FedUni Gippsland Outdoor Club I am interested in the professional running of the board and will be looking for ways to assimilate this professionalism in all that I do. At home, I am a dedicated partner and father to three children, as well as being an AIME mentor, I believe this sets me in good stead for accepting a certain amount of responsibility for my peers in the health faculty. I am deeply passionate about providing people with opportunities to engage in quality education and healthy experiences. It is my belief that working with the health faculty will enable me to not only gain much needed experience in organisational procedures, but also allow me the chance to positively impact my fellow students’ experiences of learning at Federation University

Kylie Oborne

Policy Statement
Hello everybody. My name is Kylie Oborne and I am currently in my first year, studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science. I am applying for a place on the student senate for the Faculty of Health because I would like to provide the student body with a voice to ensure any concerns or ideas that they have will be heard. I feel it is extremely important to listen to the student body and provide them with a voice so they feel included. I believe I would make a great candidate as I have an open mind and great communication skills to listen to my fellow students to ensure their voices are heard. This would be an amazing opportunity to give a voice to students so to ensure that life at Federation University is inclusive of everyone.

Timothy Welsh

Policy Statement
My name is Timothy Welsh, and I am currently completing my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. Following the completion of this at the end of the 2017 academic year, I am excited to commence studies in the new Masters of Strength and Conditioning program, with the end goal of working in elite baseball. My studies within the health sector reflect my lifestyle, and passions. I am a proud member of the Faculty of Health, and look forward to having a greater impact on my peer’s studies. I aim to be a sociable and personable link between the students and the academic board, relaying suggestions, requests, and offering beneficial insights. I look to provide outstanding resources, and allow the utmost opportunity for growth, development, and success for Faculty of Health students. I foresee prosperous developments, something only capable with the implementation of audacious, proactive work.