Faculty of Health

Dr Shaun Watson

Watson-ShaunPhone: (03) 5327 9622
Email: shaun.watson@federation.edu.au
Room: H223
Position: Lecturer
Discipline: Psychology


  • BAppSc(Info Mgt) Deakin
  • Grad Dip Psych
  • BSc(Hons)
  • PhD Monash

Teaching areas

  • Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Introductory Psychology

Research Interests

  • Self-conscious emotions, primarily shame and guilt
  • Personality, primarily biological models
  • Temperament
  • Relationships between the above and psychopathology
  • Psychometrics
  • Beer perception (seriously!)

Supervised projects

  • DSM-5 Personality and Proneness to Shame and Guilt
  • The Role of Personality and Cognitive Biases in Social Observation Anxiety
  • The Relationship between Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory, Fear of Negative Evaluation, and Social Anxiety
  • The Unique Relationships Between r-RST and PTSD Symptoms
  • The Relationship between Revised Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory Dimensions and Acute Stress Disorder Symptoms
  • The Relationship Between Personality in Relation to Revised Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory Dimensions and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms
  • Nature connectedness: Associations with subjective well-being and pro-environmental behaviour.
  • Connectedness to nature and subjective well-being: The mediating effects of self-concept clarity.
  • Resilience and depression: The role of the positive cognitive triad.
  • Fostering resilience: Examination of the role of physical activity and self-efficacy.
  • The resilience of younger adults following major life events.
  • The relationship between physical activity, domains of self-esteem and depressive symptoms.
  • The role of perceived freedom in leisure in the relationship between leisure participation, and psychological distress in adults.
  • The relationship between age, participation in leisure activities, and perceived freedom in leisure in women.
  • The subjective well-being of single mothers: The role of locus of control and social support.
  • The role of social support in the relationship between stress and well-being in first year university students.


Watson, S., Gomez, R., & Gullone, E. (2015). The shame and guilt scales of the Test of Self-Conscious Affect - Adolescent (TOSCA-A): Factor structure, concurrent and discriminant validity, and measurement and structural invariance across ratings of males and females. Assessment, Advance Online Publication. doi:10.1177/1073191115608942

Lesniowska, R., Gent, A., & Watson, S. (2015). Maternal fatigue, parenting self-efficacy, and overreactive discipline during the early childhood years: A test of a mediation model. Clinical Psychologist. doi:10.1111/cp.12056

Chesler, J., McLaren, S., Klein, B., & Watson, S. (2015). The effects of playing Nintendo Wii on depression, sense of belonging and social support in Australian aged care residents: a protocol study of a mixed methods intervention trial. BMC geriatrics, 15(1), 106-106. doi:10.1186/s12877-015-0107-z

Hughes, E. K., Gullone, E., & Watson, S. D. (2011). Emotional functioning in children and adolescents with elevated depressive symptoms. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 33, 335-345. doi:10.1007/s10862-011-9220-2