Faculty of Health

Robert Teese


Phone: (03) 5327 9615
Email: r.teese@federation.edu.au


  • BA (Hons) Griffith 

Teaching areas

  • Psychology

Areas of interest

My main research interests lie within the areas of developmental, social and health psychology. I have a particular focus on health risk behaviour and risk-taking (including drug and alcohol use, unsafe sexual behaviour and dangerous driving) during emerging/young adulthood (years 18 to 30). My research activity to date has therefore focused on developing models to explain the involvement of young people in these behaviours.

I am interested in further exploring some of these behaviours within a rural environment. I am also interested in investigating the impact of legal substances (e.g., alcohol, caffeine, nicotine), withdrawal symptoms, and the factors associated with use and impact of these substances. However, if a student has a clear and feasible research idea; and a strong interest within the developmental, social or health psychology areas I am willing to be flexible. Finally, I am only supervising fourth year students.


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Gill, P., Teese, R. & Sonn, C. (2014). Masculine identity negotiation in everyday Australian life: An ethno-discursive study in a gym setting. International Journal of Men's Health, 13 (1), 42-59. Doi:10.3149/jmh.1301.42

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