Name Title and section/areaEmailLocationExtension
Bryden, Stacey Faculty Services Officer Mt Helen H130 53276636
Cooke, Cheryl Clinical and Placement Officer Gippsland 2W-242C 51226629
Davies, Andrea Executive Assistant to Executive Dean Mt Helen P920 53279070
Di Gregorio, Kate Faculty Business Manager Mt Helen P927 53279601
Ellis, Robert Programs Coordinator Mt Helen H130 53278099
Gallagher, Stacie Program Support Officer Mt Helen H118 53279834
Hall, Rod Technical Officer, HMSS Mt Helen Q205 53279696
Kotas, Kim Technical Officer, Health Berwick G94 53279466
Lawrence, Leanne Faculty Services Officer Gippsland 2W-262 51226251
Linane, Steve Administration Officer, Professional Practice Mt Helen H129 53279936
Martin, Andrea Clinical Skills Laboratory Co-ordinator Gippsland 2W-140 51226798
McCallum, Angela Faculty Services Officer Mt Helen H118a 53279152
O'Connor, Monica Faculty Services Officer Mt Helen P920 53278667
Oostendorp, Brenda Clinical Placements Administration, Nursing Mt Helen H129 53279635
Penhall, Alan Technical Officer, Psychology Mt Helen H130 53279609
Prezioso, Joanne Academic Services Officer Gippsland 2W-260 51228472
Schill, Belinda Academic Services Coordinator Gippsland 2W-268 51226433
Storer, Leanne Student Liaison Officer Mt Helen H118 53279767
Vinke, Catherine Program Support Officer

Mt Helen H118 53276389