Faculty of Health


Name Title and section/areaEmailLocationExtension
Bryden, Stacey Faculty Services Officer s.bryden@federation.edu.au Mt Helen H130 53276636
Cooke, Cheryl Clinical and Placement Officer c.cooke@federation.edu.au Gippsland 2W-242C 51226629
Davies, Andrea Executive Assistant to Executive Dean a.davies@federation.edu.au Mt Helen P920 53279070
Di Gregorio, Kate Faculty Business Manager k.digregorio@federation.edu.au Mt Helen P927 53279601
Ellis, Robert Programs Coordinator rob.ellis@federation.edu.au Mt Helen H130 53278099
Gallagher, Stacie Program Support Officer sl.gallagher@federation.edu.au Mt Helen H118 53279834
Hall, Rod Technical Officer, HMSS rod.hall@federation.edu.au Mt Helen Q205 53279696
Kotas, Kim Technical Officer, Health k.kotas@federation.edu.au Berwick G94 53279466
Lawrence, Leanne Faculty Services Officer l.lawrence@federation.edu.au Gippsland 2W-262 51226251
Linane, Steve Administration Officer, Professional Practice s.linane@federation.edu.au Mt Helen H129 53279936
Martin, Andrea Clinical Skills Laboratory Co-ordinator al.martin@federation.edu.au Gippsland 2W-140 51226798
McCallum, Angela Faculty Services Officer a.mccallum@federation.edu.au Mt Helen H118a 53279152
O'Connor, Monica Faculty Services Officer m.oconnor@federation.edu.au Mt Helen P920 53278667
Oostendorp, Brenda Clinical Placements Administration, Nursing b.oostendorp@federation.edu.au Mt Helen H129 53279635
Penhall, Alan Technical Officer, Psychology a.penhall@federation.edu.au Mt Helen H130 53279609
Prezioso, Joanne Academic Services Officer joanne.prezioso@federation.edu.au Gippsland 2W-260 51228472
Schill, Belinda Academic Services Coordinator belinda.schill@federation.edu.au Gippsland 2W-268 51226433
Storer, Leanne Student Liaison Officer l.storer@federation.edu.au Mt Helen H118 53279767
Vinke, Catherine Program Support Officer


Mt Helen H118 53276389