Faculty of Health

Student projects

  • Anastasia Jones, Brooke Tassel, and Ridhima Tandon (Fourth year psychology students)

Personality, motivations, and online dating behaviours
Supervisors: Dr Evita March and Dr Danielle Wagstaff
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  • Kaitlin Kearney and Emily Kumpis (Fourth year psychology students)

An exploration of the factors affecting intra- and inter-sexual competition
Supervisors: Dr Danielle Wagstaff and Dr George Van Doorn
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Publications arising from previous student projects

Craker, N., & March, E. (2016). The dark side of Facebook®: The Dark Tetrad, negative social potency, and trolling behaviours. Personality and Individual Differences102, 79-84.

Sest, N. & March, E. (under review). Building a profile of the internet troll: exploring gender, dark traits, and empathy.

Sherlock, M. & Wagstaff, D.L. (under review). Exploring the relationship between frequency of Instagram use, exposure to idealised images, and psychological wellbeing

Smoker, M., & March, E. (2017). Predicting perpetration of intimate partner cyberstalking: Gender and the Dark Tetrad. Computers in Human Behavior72, 390-396.

Tsoukas, A. & March, E. (under review). Predicting short-term and long-term mating orientation: the role of sex and the dark tetrad.