Faculty of Health

VIOSH, occupational health and safety

Our students are safety managers, senior advisors and experienced OHS professionals. They come from all over Australia and industry.

  • We teach active research and enquiry; rather than textbook learning and a one-size fits all approach.
  • VIOSH accepts people into the Graduate Diploma of Occupational Hazard Management who have no undergraduate degree – on the basis of extensive work experience and knowledge.
  • Once you have completed a Graduate Diploma you are halfway to a Master’s Degree.

Take the next step in your career by developing your report writing skills, presentation skills to boards and CEOs, and research the latest information from peer-reviewed journals.

“The lectures challenged my thinking so that I’m now able to approach a workplace task and critically assess the situation. Achieving the Graduate Diploma in Occupational Hazard Management at VIOSH gives me the edge.” – Daniel McDougal

Download the VIOSH Higher Education Brochure or apply now for the Graduate Diploma of Occupational Hazard Management or Master's Degree.


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