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Hi, my name's Matt Austin and I study Bachelor of Sports Management at Federation University.

I'm from Ballarat so the choice to study at Federation University, I suppose it's a lot easier than I'm from Ballarat so the choice to study at Federation University, I suppose it's a lot easier than I had experience as a professional athlete before I decided to go to university, and I have a passion for the sports industry, so I thought that sports management would be the right career path for me.

Some of the main reasons why we have the internship in the program is, not only does it provide a fantastic opportunity for students to apply what they've learnt through the program into real world practice, but it also puts them in front of the employment field for when they go out to apply for jobs when they've graduated. We have great success, on a whole, with students getting their first job within six months of graduating.

The staff who take the sport management degree have had a lot of experience in the sporting industry. The networking there and the opportunities you get from networking with those sorts of people can open up opportunities such as the internship at AFL Victoria. AFL Victoria has a strong presence in Ballarat. It's a strong football region.

FedUni has a strong sporting background. We've felt that every student who has come to AFL Victoria has been really really prepared, and certainly had all the qualities that we look for in a young individual. The most enjoyable experience so far within my internship has been working with the young indigenous youth of Victoria, and having them involved in the quality programs that AFL Victoria have on offer, such as the Laguntas program, which aims to get indigenous youth into high performance programs, such as the Tate Cup and VFL.

He's been a great addition to our office, he presents himself well, he speaks well, he's super keen, he's passionate about what he's doing and what he wants to do in the future, and that resonates with other people in the workplace.

I definitely think the internship has helped me grow. It allows you to apply the content that you've learnt at Uni, out in the everyday work force and provides you with life experiences for future employment. I think it's a great stepping stone, we've had great success with people now getting full time roles in our industry, which can be quite hard to do unless you've had this opportunity.

I originally had aspirations to be a player manager, after being involved in professional sport, but after completing my internship at AFL Victoria I want to be involved in football development. Working with youth and being able to assist them to grow has been enjoyable for me. If you love sport, and you're thinking of pursuing a sport management career, contact FedUni, they'll be able to give you the right guidance and advice that you need. We're here to help you.

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