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Transcript for Sport management at FedUni

Hi, I'm Daniel.

I studied a Double Degree in Sport Management and Business at Federation University. I had a lot of friends that I went to school with who had graduated and they went to FedUni and they really loved the courses and just the vibe of the big country town of Ballarat, so that really drew me to head there for my degree. So I chose the double degree in sport management and business because it was a good mix of the port and business industries which is something I was really passionate about and wanted to get into and that was a great way to get into the career and get experience in the industry.

The internship experience was set up through my degree so I was really lucky that I had really good course coordinators who provided good opportunity to come and work in industries like the AFL. In the second year you do a professional practice course and that builds throughout to the internship experience so it was really awesome opportunity to have this experience and to have the support of the coordinators and teachers to get this opportunity of working professional organisations such as the AFL.

I felt the internship was a really good stepping stone for me moving into my professional career. The networks that I've been able to make working at the AFL have been absolutely unreal as well as the experience that I've been able to gain through working in such a professional environment with great people that have had years of experience in the industry.

The university does so well to set you up with the opportunity to come and work in a professional organisation but also go out and look for opportunities yourself. One of the highlights of my degree was during my internship experience when I got to attend events, such as the Brownlow and the AFL Grand Final. I was able to go there in person to events that you see on TV every year and then work with such a professional team to see how it all comes together from behind the scenes as well as enjoy the events.

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