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FedUni Community Psychology Services

Are you interested in becoming a psychologist?

Have a look at where our masters students study.

Community Psychology Services

Students develop their psychological therapy skills with clients in a one-on-one counselling environment.

Students administer standardised psychological tests with people across a range of ages.

Students reflect on their practice with a qualified psychologist as their supervisor.

The recording equipment allows students and supervisors to observe their work and receive feedback.

A room devoted to live observation allows students to directly observe a psychologist in practice.

Our play therapy room provides a fun an engaging environment for students to work therapeutically with younger clients.

Group therapy space is available to develop and deliver workshops and seminars to students, staff and community members.

Students meet regularly to discuss and reflect on their work. It’s also a place to hear and learn about specialised topics from external psychologists.

Students enjoy a professional workplace with individualised workspaces, and have access to a range of resources.

Students learn about running a psychological practice, including booking in clients and receiving payments.

FedUni Community Psychology Services.

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