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Bridie Lunney

22 October – 6 November 2014

Public opening Tuesday 21 October 5pm

Bridie Lunney is a contemporary artist of national significance who has been a resident at the prestigious Gertrude Studio Space and was selected for the influential 'Melbourne Now' exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2013. She has also been the recipient of several Australia Council grants. Her cross-disciplinary practice combines performative, craft and sculpture elements which pose questions about the relationship between our body, emotions and the physical world.

Having recently taught sculpture and contemporary practice to female teachers at Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia, for her installation at Switchback Gallery, Lunney explores censorship and veiling of the body, history and the self. Using sculptural props to trace the idea of the obstacle allowing growth and form, The Disappearing Act suggests the allure of the unseen and unknown.

View Bridie Lunney interview at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uZRRIOrGuo

Image: Bridie Lunney, installation view,with performer Shelley Lasica, Melbourne Now NGV 2014 image credit: Timothy Herbert

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Artists' Profiles – a Visual Perspective: works by the Mainstreet Group

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