Faculty of Education and Arts


For enrolment assistance, please contact Student HQ on 1800 333 864 or https://enquiriesportal.federation.edu.au/ask/


Master of Visual Arts - GVA9 (36kb,pdf)


Master of Teaching (Primary) - GTP9 (44kb, pdf)

Master of Teaching Secondary - GTS9 (kb, pdf)

Master of Teaching (Secondary) - TD9 (65kb, pdf)

Master of Education Studies - TM9 (70kb, pdf)

Master of Special Education - TS9 (41kb, pdf)


Bachelor of Arts - GAR5 (108kb, pdf)

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Community Welfare and Counselling - GAW5 (110kb, pdf)

Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences - GBH5 (109kb, pdf)

Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice) - GCJ5 (104kb, pdf)

Bachelor of Community Welfare - GCW5 (94kb, pdf)

Bachelor of Arts (Professional Communication) - GPC5 (109kb, pdf)

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) - GPY5 (103kb, pdf) 

Bachelor of Community and Human Services - HC5 (70kb, pdf)

Bachelor of Arts - HM5 (107kb, pdf)

Master of Criminal Justice and Criminology - GCJ9 (44kb, pdf)