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Position: Hon Senior Research Fellow

Location: Mt Helen Campus, Room N6

Phone: 0438 395 915

Fax: 5327 9717

Email: j.fisher@ballarat.edu.au


  • EdD
  • PhD
  • MEd
  • MSc
  • BSc(Hons)


John has over 45 years experience in teaching from primary to tertiary levels and research in science, education psychology and health. John guided the establishment of three Christian schools and helped others to grow. He was principal for 14 years and lectured in pre-service and in-service teacher education for 18 years. He is a qualified pastor, who has pursued his passionate interest in spiritual health and well-being for nearly 20 years. John’s spiritual well-being measures are used in many countries in education, health, counselling, business, psychological and welfare projects

Areas of expertise

Spiritual health and well-being, research methods (quantitative and grounded theory), science education, establishing schools

Research interests

Spiritual health and well-being as aspects of quality of life, school effectiveness


Doctoral students investigating spiritual well-being in a variety of school systems in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Institute of Education)

DMin student investigating the emotional and theological responses of ministers to challenging events (Australian College of Theology)



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Fisher, J.W. (2010) Reaching the heart: Assessing and nurturing spiritual well-being via education. Melbourne: Melbourne University Custom Book Centre. ISBN/APN: 9 781921 775024.

Book chapters

Fisher, J.W. (2012) Connectedness: At the heart of resiliency and spiritual well-being. In C.A. Stark & D.C. Bonner (Eds.), Handbook on Spirituality: Belief Systems, Societal Impact and Roles in Coping (pp. 265-277). New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc.

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Also in E. Delgadillo & D. Arroyo (Eds), Encyclopedia of Personality Research (2 Volume Set). New York: Nova Science Publishers (currently being formatted).

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Refereed journal articles

(selected references over the last 10 years)

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Refereed conference proceedings

Fisher, J.W. (2002) Enhancing university students' spiritual well-being. In J. Ryan & P. Baird (Eds), Research for a better community: Proceedings of the University of Ballarat second annual research conference, 8 September 2000, (pp. 58-61). Ballarat: University of Ballarat, Research and Graduate Studies Office.

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Seminar presentations

(over the last 10 years)
27 presentations in health (1 keynote); 26 in education (including 5 keynotes)


2008 Member, International Association for Children’s Spirituality
1999 Member of the International Seminar on Religious Education & Values
1991-04 Member of the Australian Curriculum Studies Association
1987-05 Member of the Australian College of Educators
2008 Member of Editorial Advisory Committee Religious Education Journal of Australia
2001 Member Editorial Board of the Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management
Associate Editor of the International Journal of Children’s Spirituality