Faculty of Education and Arts

Dr Michelle Duffy

Position Senior lecturer
Study area Humanities and Social Sciences
Location Gippsland Campus, Office: 1E 128
Phone 5122 6559
Email Michelle.Duffy@federation.edu.au


Doctor of Philosophy - University of Melbourne- 2001
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - University of Melbourne - 1996
Bachelor of Music (Honours) - University of Melbourne - 1996
Bachelor of Applied Science - RMIT - 1984



Bachelor of Arts


  • Social Justice (ATSGC 3737)
  • Sociology of Race & Ethnic Relations (ATSGC 3929)
  • Qualitative Research Methods (ATSGC 3597)
  • Regional and Rural Societies: People, Place and Nature (ATSGC 2731 and ATSGC 3731)


Michelle joined FedUni in 2014. Prior to this she taught in the sociology and geography programs at Monash, and in the Australian studies, Australian indigenous studies and geography programs at the University of Melbourne

Research interests

Michelle is a human geographer, with research interests that are strongly interdisciplinary. The broader context of her work is in understanding how interactions between people and place contribute to notions of community and identity, and hence the concepts and processes of belonging or alienation. Her research examines the role culture plays in shaping our lives at different spatial levels, from the global to more everyday and local processes operating within and between individuals, communities and societies. Through the lens of the arts, and more specifically that of sound, music and performance, her research explores how our private and public selves are articulated and/or challenged in public spaces and events.

Current research adopts a cultural geographic approach to examine the role emotions and affect play in processes of place-making - including social cohesion, wellbeing, inclusion and alienation. This approach enables our emotional and affective responses to be conceptualized not as belonging to the individual, following conventional approaches in psychology, but, instead, the outcome of ongoing, negotiated and spatially situated process that are simultaneously biological, cultural and social. Future research builds on these conceptual and methodological approaches, applying these ideas to explore the cultural politics of emotion in a broader context of sustainability, resilience and rural Australia.

Her other research interests include Australian studies more broadly, with particular interests in cultural diversity and race relations, tourism, place-making, and contemporary cultural theory.

Michelle is the Co-Director of the interim Centre of Research for Resilient Communities (CoRRC), established at the Gippsland campus in 2014.


Current HDR students

  • Rebecca Bridges (associate supervisor) Place literacies in primary school settings
  • Mohd Fabian Bin Hasna An Environmental Psychology Approach to Public Art Development
  • Diane Luhrs Daughters of Farmers: Exposing the "Feminine Mystique" of Farming Families in Rural Australia (APA)
  • Dean Merlino …And the Trumpet Shall Sound: The Eschatological Function of Sound and Music (APA)
  • Miriam Potts How does my relationship to place evolve through the creative process of printmaking?
  • Sivanandamoorthy Sivesan (associate supervisor) Tourism governance for sustainable heritage tourism in Sri Lankan heritage destinations
  • Stephanie Parker (ANU, external supervisor) Space, Spatial Perceptions and Movement

HDR completions

  • Dr Faith Dent Fabric-ating Place Story: an experiential approach to imprinting landscape and land culture
  • Dr Jana-Axinja Paschen Setting out with Dreams of Home: German Tourists in the Australian Desert
  • Dr Haydie Gooder The Sorry People: Non-Indigenous Australians and emotional geographies of co-presence
  • Sibongiseni Hlabisa Customary land governance in post-apartheid South Africa: Gumbi case study (MPhil)



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Other publications

Research reports

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Exhibition catalogues

Duffy, M, Grant, A, Merlino, D (2011) Sound Exhibition Images of Home: Children's Creative Responses to the Changing Landscapes of Officer Exhibition held at fortfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 13-18 December

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