Faculty of Education and Arts

Koji Hoashi


Position Lecturer in Japanese and International Studies
Study area: Humanities and Social Sciences
Location Mount Helen Campus, Room H124
Phone: 5327 9634


Master of Arts – Deakin University (Victoria College), Australia - 1993

Graduate Diploma of Ceramics (Hons) – Ballarat College of Advanced Education (Federation University Australia), Australia - 1987

Bachelor of Education - Oita University, Japan - 1985



  • Bachelor of Arts (Japanese)


  • Introduction to Japanese 1A (JAPAG1001)
  • Introduction to Japanese 1B (JAPAG1102)
  • Japanese 2A (JAPAG2103)
  • Japanese 2B (JAPAG2104)
  • Contemporary Japanese 3A (JAPAG3105)
  • Contemporary Japanese 3B (JAPAG3106)
  • Advanced Japanese 4A (JAPAG4107)
  • Advanced Japanese 4B (JAPAG4108)
  • In-country Intensive Japanese (JAPAG4109)
  • Asian Geography, Societies and Cultures (SOCOG1008)


Koji is a lecturer in Japanese and International studies at Federation University Australia (Mount Helen Campus). He maintains research interests in audio & visual materials for LOTE Education, Japanese Aesthetics, Cultural Expressions and Cultural Education. Koji is also a practising ceramic artist whose work is heavily influenced by Japanese Zen. After completing His BEd (Primary School, Fine Art and Music in Secondary School) at Oita University in Japan, Koji moved to Australia in 1985 to continue his research and cultural investigations as well as obtaining an MA (Fine Art). His current research interests also involve contemporary attitudes to Zen expression utilising ceramic art work.

Areas of expertise

Koji’ expertise includes Japanese culture and language education, Creative Art including Japanese Ceramics, international exchange programs, translation and interpreting services. He has been working in these areas for various organisations including the Victorian Government, the City of Ballarat, educational institutions and businesses in Victoria and beyond.

(1) Japanese culture and language education

Koji established the Japanese language courses at FedUni, and has been working as the discipline coordinator for over twenty years. He is also employed as an examiner for the Statement of Equivalence in Japanese Language for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (Victoria), and he is invited annually as a judge for Japanese culture and language contests for City of Ballarat as well as local and state educational institutions.

(2) Creative Art including Ceramics

Koji has been exhibiting his ceramic and sculptural art works throughout Australia and Japan since 1984. His works are held as part of collections at a number of Galleries in Victoria. He has given lectures and demonstrated traditional Japanese methods at galleries and educational institutions across Australia and in Japan.

(3) International Exchange Programs

Koji has established a number of international exchange programs between FedUni and various other educational institutions in Japans. Currently FedUni actively facilitates exchange activities with Sanyo Gakuen University, Fukui National College of Technology and Fukuoka Institute of Technology. He also facilitates a number of cultural interaction programs with Nara Education University, Konan High School and other educational institutions in Japan. Then too, he also conducts a summer course/study-tour, called ‘In-country Intensive Japanese’ for FedUni students to directly experience life and culture in Japan.

(4) Translation and Interpreting Services

Koji has provided translation and interpreting services for organisations and businesses such as the Sydney Olympics and Paralympics; the Consulate of Japan; Victorian Parliament House; Department of Police in Victoria; Six Sigma Qualtec; City of Ballarat; Ministry of Science and Education in Japan; Board of Education, in Japan and Australia.

Research interests

  • Linguistics in Japanese
  • Zen philosophy
  • Visual and audio materials for language education
  • Japanese traditional art and music
  • Rhythmic approach in Japanese learning
  • Ceramic creation using visual and musical expression



Hoashi, Koji, Research in Two Cultures, Ceramics Art and Perception, Issue 13: pp. 57-60 (1993)


2008 ‘Now and Zen’ Two men show with Peter Pilven - Skepsi Victorian Ceramic Group (Meat Market), Victoria

2007 'Cultural Fusion – a spiritual passage’ –Post Office Gallery, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

1984-2007 Many Solo and Group/Juried Exhibitions in Australia and Japan

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‘Style’ (Bronze statue) Boston Park, Oita, Japan

‘Copper Red Lidded Jar’ (Ceramics) Bendigo Fine Art Gallery, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

‘Copper Red and Chun Grazed Blossom Jar’ (Ceramics) Castlemaine Art Museum, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

‘Copper Red Blossom Jar’ (Ceramics) Art Gallery of Ballarat, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

‘Lidded Jar’ (Ceramics) Art Gallery of Ballarat, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

‘Diagonal Multi Glazed Large Jar’ (Ceramics) Shepparton Art Museum, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

‘Copper Red Blossom Jar’ (Ceramics) Deakin University Art Gallery, Burwood, Victoria, Australia

‘Copper Red Blossom Jar’ (Ceramics) Federation University Australia, Mount Helen, Victoria, Australia

‘Multi Glazed Large Bowl’ (Ceramics) City of Whitehorse Collection, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia