Faculty of Education and Arts

Wellbeing in early years research group

The wellbeing in early years research group collaborates on early years research in a range of areas, particularly wellbeing. Drawing on the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, wellbeing is understood as a state of being, belonging and becoming and it is nurtured in an environment characterized by love, care, health, happiness and inclusion.

Vision and action

Our group focuses on making a positive difference to the theory and practice of early years education through cutting-edge teaching and research. Embracing diversity and inspired by curiosity, we connect to our local and global early childhood community to ensure that we are:

  • actively engaging in cross-sectoral research that defines wellbeing beyond traditional understandings to include both physical and psychological aspects such as health, engagement, agency and resilience.
  • persistently working with local and international communities and external partners to exchange research ideas and explore new possibilities and opportunities for collaboration in early years education.
  • continually examining and developing processes of creating sustainable environments that promote wellbeing.
  • constantly re-imagining what wellbeing means for children and adults in the context of early childhood education.
  • actively contributing to debate in ways that lead to growth in knowledge, practice, policy and pedagogy in early childhood education so that all members of the early childhood education community experience environments in which wellbeing is nurtured and resilience can thrive.

Research group members