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Erica Smith with colleagues Ros Brennan Kemmis and Arlene Walker completed a project in 2010 on the psychological contract in apprenticeships and traineeships. The report is currently in press with the National Centre for Vocational Education Research. A related podcast is available at http://www.ncver.edu.au/publications/2431.html

Snapshot of this research: This research examined the psychological contract in apprenticeships and traineeships - the unwritten but powerful aspects of the employment relationship tat affect people’s expectations and satisfaction. The project found that employers and apprentices/trainees had similar views of each others’ obligations and that the most important perceived obligation of employers was to provide good training. While expectations were generally well met on both sides, more mature apprentices/trainees were generally less
satisfied than younger ones. Making expectations explicit led to greater satisfaction. The project found a number of case studies of good practice in management systems to provide good training, but noted that a range of people throughout a company needed to be committed.