Faculty of Education and Arts

RAVE Higher Degrees by Research students



Principal supervisor

Les Burr

Can the use of technology influence the participation and success of tertiary mature aged learners in rural and remote areas?

Erica Smith

James Cannan

Learning through practice: A study of work-based learning as part of VET programs in New Zealand.

Erica Smith

Palaniappan Chettiar

Comparison of Vocational Educational Training frameworks: Strengths and weaknesses.

Annette Foley

Adele Echter-Baltrunas

Learning through offshore sailing.

Barry Golding

Sharon Kerr

A longitudinal study of the effects of vocational education and training on disengaged youth.

Annette Foley

Dorothy Lucardie

Integrating informal learning.

Carolyn Johnstone

David Taylor

The role of contextualised vocation training in successful settlement experiences for humanitarian migrant arrivals in regional and rural Australia.

Annette Foley

Barry Wright

What is the effectiveness of fully on-the-job training for apprentices in the construction industry?

Erica Smith