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Creative arts researchers and research associates



Dr Angela Campbell

Angela Campbell’s research in theatre and performance has been both practical and theoretical and has investigated the politics and poetics of place and space, intercultural theatre practices, Aboriginal theatre, contemporary theatre paradigms and practices, music theatre and practice led research. She is currently researching connections between theatre and democracy.

Dr Carole Wilson

Carole Wilson is a visual artist whose research interests are focused on cartographic investigations of the natural and built environment. She has a particular interest in botanical history, garden design and the layers of meaning inherent in domestic spaces and treasured keepsakes. She has recently completed an Artist-in-Residency at la Macina di San Cresci  in Greve in Chianti, Italy.

Dr Jennifer Jones-O’Neill

Jennifer Jones-O’Neill’s research is in the area of visual culture and the history of ideas with a particular focus on the eighteenth century. This research has resulted in publications and conference presentations on the visual representation of sensibility, melancholy and genius. Jennifer is also interested in the role of research for contemporary visual artists and how this is enacted in postgraduate degrees.

Jill Orr

Jill Orr has recently submitted her PhD at Monash University and held her examination exhibition entitled ‘Space, Place and Recurring History.’ She is currently preparing a performance work ‘Still Moving Despite the Tide’ which will be presented in Malaysia, Melbourne and Venice during the latter half of 2012.

Associate Professor Kim Durban

Kim Durban’s research interests are focused on women directors, especially those in Australia including a current AusStage investigation into the career and legacy of Ewa Czajor. Additionally, she is concerned with Shakespeare and Renaissance playwrights; the scripts and developments of Australian playwrights; and 21st century actor training. Kim is currently undertaking a PhD at Latrobe University researching Caroline playwright Richard Brome.

Jimmy Pasakos

Jimmy Pasakos is a visual artist whose research interest include the foundations of childhood memories, a sense of place, heritage and identity. These themes are constantly pursued and realised through art works that engage, stimulate and generate discourse.

Pete Pilven

Peter Pilven’s ceramic research interests have recently focussed on the pre and post gold mining era of Ballarat and district. The degradation and transformative effect that the mining industry has had on the topographical and geological landscape, provide ongoing stimulus for the creative output Peter continues through his art practice. He has also recently completed a four-week Artist-in-Residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Centre in Skaelskor, Denmark.

Postgraduate (recently completed)

Dr Julie Heron

Julie Heron, one of our education lecturers, has recently completed her doctorate, a practice-based autoethnography entitled ‘Performing in the spaces between: an a/r/tographic inquiry into practice’. This research involved questioning and representing her practices, processes and positions as artist, researcher, teacher-educator and the outcomes of her research were made evident through an art installation and accompanying thesis.

Dr Michael Shiels

Michaels’s recently completed PhD is titled ‘Trace: an exploration of alternative means of documenting ephemeral environmental art.’ This practice-led investigation has found that these alternative image-making techniques can produce meaningful forms of visual documentation. The considered application of these techniques, which is informed by the critical engagement with contemporary theoretical concepts, allows for the creation of conceptually appropriate documents. While the artworks demonstrate these enriched outcomes, no single documentary technique has been identified as applicable in all instances of recording ephemeral environmental art.

Trudi Harley

Trudi’s recently completed Master of Arts is titled ‘Time Passing – a glimpse through an interstice caught.’ This research project visually examined the notion of time passing and the relationship of this imagery to memory, experience and perception through the creation of figurative and still life artworks.

David Wynen

David, one of our performing arts lecturers, has recently completed his Master of Arts entitled ‘Bollywood Meets Tap: a choreographic commission and its real world constraints.’ This investigative project focused on the real world constraints of choreographic commissions and the inherent challenges of working on a Commonwealth Games live site during 2005/2006.

Michael Grant

Michael’s  recently completed Master of Arts is titled ‘The Battle for Buna: a visual exploration.’ This research explores the site of Buna which was once the site of desperate fighting and bloodshed during the Second World War. This research investigates the intangible presence still felt on the battlefield almost seventy years after the conflict took place and demonstrates how it is possible to visually depict this sensation.

Jessica Schroeter

Jessica’s recently completed Master of Arts is titled ‘Map Maker Mark Maker: a visual exploration into place.’ This research aims to provide an awareness of the past and its relevance to a younger generation living in a regional area. Through focusing on her family business, the local garage in Winchelsea, she has created a body of paintings describing linear forms and the built up layers which echo the layers of history a significant place collects over the passage of time.

Research associates

Dr Loris Button

Honorary research fellow
Current developments in self-portraiture have identified the need to challenge a widely-held view that in contrast to written autobiographies, visual images may only record the moment of their making in the life of the subject. This view overlooks the capacity of visual art to engage with post-modern ideas relating to the fluidity of time and identity in a way that is analogous to contemporary autobiography, therefore Loris’s ongoing research practice seeks means by which drawings, paintings and prints might combine to describe a whole life.

Loris Button is a recently retired lecturer in painting and drawing from UB; a position she held for many years.

Mr Geoff Wallis

Honorary research fellow
Geoff’s current research is directed towards curating a major exhibition of political posters at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. The exhibition, 'Got the Message? ÿ fifty years of political posters', will open in February 2013 and later travel to other galleries. It will be a survey of political, ideological and social posters from Australia and overseas and will include work by some of the world's most renowned designers and artists. The most challenging part of this project is the research for the substantial catalogue which will accompany the exhibition. The catalogue essay, backed up by images of many of the 180 or so posters covering the period from the Vietnam War to the Occupy movement, will put the posters into their political, social and artistic context. It will also address the possible future of posters given that dissent and protest is increasingly expressed through new media.

Geoff Wallis is a retired lecturer in art history/theory from UB; a position he held for many years.