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Research coordinator's welcome

The Central Highland Children and Youth Area Partnership Research Collaboration (CHCYAP RC) is hosted by Child and Family Services (CAFS) in the Legacy and Research Centre, and at the SMB Campus of Federation University Australia on Lydiard S South. As a collaborative, strategic and priority-driven initiative, it will be characterised by:

  • large-scale research conducted by multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral teams over the medium to long-term, designed to impact on significant problems of priority interest
  • planned, systematic, cumulative, purposeful and substantively and/or theoretically linked studies with demonstrable public benefit
  • a substantive line of inquiry in which research teams seek to advance and apply knowledge in line with local, national and international initiatives.

Our objectives

The objectives of the CHCYAP RC are to use a collective impact approach to

  1. Advance and apply research knowledge about family violence and parental capacity to nurture and educational engagement, with a focus on regional areas.
  2. Support partner organisations to design, adapt, implement and evaluate evidence-informed interventions that will improve outcomes for vulnerable young people from birth to eighteen years.
  3. Build a community of practice amongst practitioners, researchers, managers, educators and people with a lived experience.
  4. Build research capacity and skills of both service providers and people with 'lived experience' of vulnerability to co-design research and interventions.
  5. Promote greater multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration between managers, practitioners, researchers, people with 'lived experience' of vulnerability, policy-makers and funders, and improve linkages between lived experience, practice, research and policy.
  6. Build the regional workforce research capacity in, and engagement with, CHCYAP priorities.
  7. Provide expert advice to relevant government departments and contribute to state and national policy debates about family violence, parental capacity to nurture, and educational engagement.

We are committed to engaging meaningfully with the broader service system and communities to create high impact research which improves outcomes for children, young people and families.

Dr Christina Sadowski, Research Coordinator