Faculty of Education and Arts

World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education

WFATE Conference 2018

9th - 11th July
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Transformative Teacher Education in Local and Global Contexts

As we celebrate the fifth biennial WFATE 2018 conference in the southern hemisphere for the first time we will creatively and critically explore the transformations in teacher education in a local and global context. What are the challenges and opportunities? How can we contribute to building the necessary research evidence, wisdom and commitment to meet the complexities of teacher education in an ever-changing world? How can we share insights and learn together so that innovative teacher education is available for all communities? Join us as we continue the WFATE focus on the shaping of global research and development networks.


  • Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity in Education
  • Transformative Teacher Education
  • Pedagogy and Curriculum
  • Policy and Partnerships in Teacher Education

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