Faculty of Education and Arts

Current community engagement projects

Men's Sheds

Project discipline > Education

Key staff > Professor Barry Golding

Research over the past decade has been focused on the adult and community education sector in Australia, as well as on the rapidly growing international men's shed movement. It focuses upon the relationship between lifelong learning, in all its forms, and wellbeing for people of all ages. His widely published research has raised important questions about the gendered nature of learning and the ability of people of all ages to exercise agency and benefit greatly if they are treated with respect, dignity in community settings rather than as clients, patients or students from deficit models of provision in institutional settings. These models have been shown more recently to be transferable to younger unemployed men in nations experiencing severe economic downturns such as Ireland and England.

School-based partnerships

Project discipline > Education

Key staff > Dr Amanda McGraw,  Dr Rob Davis

Students from the Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) and the Bachelor of Education (P-6/P-10) are involved in team placements in three schools in the Grampians region. These students live in the towns where they are teaching and are actively involved in both the schools and the local communities. These placements focus on the importance of community engagement by schools and the need to extend children's education beyond the school gate, as well as inviting participation by community within the school. An example of this engagement was a project by last year's students, who organised a reading day where every child within their school was read to by an adult from the local community.

Australian History Postgraduate Research Program

Project discipline > Humanities and social sciences

Key staff > Dr Fred Cahir

In June 2012 the School of Education and Arts signed a major research partnership with the Sovereign Hill Museum and the Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute. This exciting new collaboration has seen three landmark Ballarat institutions join to create an innovative research hub for our region. Up to 20 students recruited at Masters or Doctoral level will complete Australian history research projects on either Sovereign Hill or the Institute, or make use of the extensive artefacts and archival resources held by these organisations.

Our School is keen to hear from highly motivated, prospective postgraduate research students. For further information, contact Dr Fred Cahir on 03 5327 9771 or email f.cahir@federation.edu.au

Ballarat Clemente Program

Project discipline > Humanities and social sciences

Key staff > Dr Jeremy Smith

The Ballarat Clemente Program was established in 2008 by the ACU, FedUni, City of Ballarat, Central Highlands Regional Library Corporation, Centacare, The Smith Family, and United Way. Developed originally in New York and delivered in many countries throughout the world, Clemente provides an educational path into a Certificate of Liberal Arts for the acutely disadvantaged. In Ballarat, the School of Education and Arts helps deliver the program in the community in close collaboration with ACU. The School also represents FedUni on the program's steering committee.

School-Community Teaching Placements

Project discipline > Education

Key staff > Dr Jenene Burke

Teaching placements for Pre-Service Teachers (PSTs) have traditionally taken place in school environments where a PST works under the close supervision of an experienced mentor teacher in a conventional classroom setting. Under an innovative program we offer schools and community organisations the opportunity to draw on PSTs' skills as educators.

Examples of successful school-community teaching placements that our PSTs have participated in are:

  • Curriculum design and implementation in the DOTS program,
  • Education alliance, Highlands LLen
  • Student literacy and numeracy support, Ballarat High School
  • History curriculum design, Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre
  • Community education, Art Gallery of Ballarat
  • Schools program, National Gallery of Victoria
  • Rural Schools Outreach Program
  • Activity day WillUB12?, Mount Clear College.

An important benefit of this project is PSTs gaining valuable teaching skills and fresh insights into learning and learners, whilst contributing their expertise to projects that enhance the teaching capacities of schools and community groups.


Project discipline > Education

Key staff > Sharon McDonough

FedUniTeach@BMG is a pilot project between Federation University Australia and Bacchus Marsh Grammar. As part of this project an academic-teacher educator from the University, Dr Sharon McDonough, will be based at the School, while also working at the University in the School of Education and Arts.

The project focuses on creating new initiatives and opportunities for learning among Pre-Service Teachers (PSTs), university and school staff. As part of the project Sharon will coordinate and work with cohorts of PSTs in the School and at the University, with PSTs having the opportunity to become involved in a number of projects within the School community. Sharon will also have a teaching role in the School and PSTs will have the opportunity to work with her and other school-based staff in classrooms using the instructional rounds model.

The project commences in 2013 and updates about the project and professional learning events associated with this program will be provided at the start of 2014.

For further information about the project please contact Sharon on s.mcdonough@federation.edu.au

For further information about the school please visit their website: http://www.bmg.vic.edu.au