Faculty of Education and Arts

Folio requirements

Applicants must complete an Additional requirements form (pdf. 732kb) The completed form can be emailed to admissions@federation.edu.au. Timely applications are due by end of November 2017. Applications after this date will still be considered.

Interviews will be confirmed in November and held in late November to early December.

At the interview applicants are expected to present the following:

  • a comprehensive folio of their work in a variety of media
  • records of academic progress results.

Selection is determined by the perceived potential of the student, motivation and reason for study within the field as well as previous experience in the visual arts. Folio work should be representative of the individual's ideas and abilities. Qualities of importance are originality, innovation, imagination, experimentation and competence in the basic skills associated with visual arts (evidence of drawing skills should be included). In general, students should submit selected samples of completed works and relevant sketchbook materials. If students are unable to attend the interview, they should forward a DVD or Images of recent works for consideration of the selection panel.