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Jade Thomspon

Jade Thompson

Graduated | 2009

I graduated from the Arts Academy with a Bachelor of Arts (Acting) not wanting to leave! The experiences I had there, the teachers that taught me and the friends I made had a huge impact on me as an artist and a person and I am very grateful to have been a part of the community there.

I have many happy memories sitting on the edge of my seat listening in acting class, discovering that my body could do things I never imagined in movement class and having so many opportunities to show-case my work throughout the program.

My studies at the Arts Academy literally gave me a career in the performing arts industry. In my final year, our 'Grant Writing' class allowed me to be a part of a group which created a play for Sovereign Hill. This project led to the beginnings of my own very successful business with a previous class-mate, titled Two Friends Productions which creates educational comedic shows for museums.

The confidence this experience has given me has allowed me to continue creating independent works of performance in all forms. The course was exactly how I always dreamed my university experience would be and I recommend anyone looking for a career in performing arts to apply!