Faculty of Education and Arts

Audition FAQs

Do I have to come to Ballarat for Arts Academy auditions?

No, you don’t. In addition to Ballarat, we hold auditions in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

When are Arts Academy auditions?

Auditions happen during late October – early November each year for commencement of studies in late February the following year.

Can I do a video audition for the Arts Academy?

Our preference is to audition applicants in person, however, applicants who live in remote areas or overseas may find it difficult to attend and audition in person. For this reason audition in the first round via a DVD recording is acceptable for such applicants.

Do you run pre-audition courses?

Yes, we offer a range of workshops and short courses to assist applicants in preparing for their audition. These courses usually run in the second half of the year and information is available from the Explore extension courses link on the Arts Academy website (link below). Of course we offer these programs as a service to those applicants who wish to use them. There is no obligation for applicants to attend and completion of these programs does not have a direct effect on your course application.

When will I hear about my audition?

We will contact you as soon as possible after you submit your application. If you pay by credit card you will know that we have seen it because we process the payment of all forms as soon as they are received. There is a very large influx of applications in late September so if you apply early in September or in August you will get your audition time quite quickly.

Will there be call-back auditions and if I get one, when will I be told?

Acting and music theatre applicants who make it past the first round of auditions will be invited to attend a second audition (a call-back). They will either be informed at the audition or may be contacted by telephone soon after the audition. Applicants to those programs who are not invited to a Call-back should assume they have not been successful though they will be notified formally in due course. Call-back auditions take place in Ballarat for both programs in early December.

What can I expect at the call-back audition?

The Call-back audition is more in-depth and includes further acting, dance and improvisation (acting), or dance, singing acting and music theory (music theatre). Attendance at your call-back is essential for consideration for a place at the Arts Academy.

Can I find out why my Arts Academy application was unsuccessful?

Arts Academy regrets that it is not able to give feedback regarding individual applicants due to the large number of applicants we see. For many of our courses this is a much greater number of applicants than there are places available so many high quality applicants are disappointed each year.

How do I choose my songs for my music theatre audition?

Unlike the process for picking monologues where you have to choose from the list provided, you can choose your own songs to perform. There are some requirements, however. You must choose songs from musicals and they must be of contrasting styles (i.e. tempo etc). One song must be from a musical written prior to 1960. If you do not intend to bring an accompanist then remember to bring the sheet music in the correct key taped up and ready to go. In recent years musicals have been created featuring songs written by popular recording artists (e.g. ABBA, Queen, Dusty Springfield). These songs are not suitable for the music theatre auditions.

Do I have to use Arts Academy’s audition pieces for acting and music theatre applications?

Yes, you must choose pieces from the list we publish on the website late in July. Actors must choose one piece in verse (usually a Shakespearean piece though we do offer some Jacobean pieces as well) and one contemporary piece (i.e. not in verse) from that list. Music theatre applicants can choose any one monologue (either in verse or contemporary) from the Arts Academy list.

Applicants who are auditioning for both acting and music theatre are welcome to use one of their Acting monologues for music theatre. They do not have to prepare a third piece.

When can I download monologues to choose from?

We endeavour to have them on the website ready to download sometime in July, upon which time applications for the following year will open. We inform bookshops around Australia and the State Libraries to assist applicants looking for the plays the monologues are taken from.

What should I wear to my audition?

Acting audition – neat casual attire, no belts or jewellery, well groomed.
Music theatre audition – neat casual attire, well groomed.
Callbacks – Dancewear or loose comfortable clothing suitable for dance or movement, trainers or jazz shoes. No jeans, belts or jewellery.

What happens if I am unable to attend my audition on the day?

If you are unable to attend for any reason, or late for any reason, please call Jo DeVries on 03 5327 8606 and leave a message stating your name, program you are auditioning for, audition location and audition time.