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Transcript for FedUni Australia - Student story (Alexandra)

Hi I'm Ali and I'm currently in my third year of doing the Bachelor of Arts.

I grew up and went to school in Melbourne and when my aunt suggested coming to Ballarat, and learning something about it, sounded right and sounded interesting.

But what I mostly enjoy about my program is that I can go to any lecture and tute every week and I just get a new experience from a variation of learning techniques and it just centres my learning but also filters into the day-to-day as well.

You can do the course anywhere but by going to Ballarat I actually to get come to a place where I can step outside my comfort zone and just try different things in a different environment that was a little bit unknown to me.

The friendships that I've made with the people that I've worked with in second year have become some of my best friends. We definitely have a fun time of it going to local cafes, restaurants.

I think Ballarat definitely has an authenticity many places would really have to compete to find an experience of the flavour that is still so intact today.

Something that has sort of been part of my study but really outside of my study, has been going overseas for the first semester of this year.  So I went over to Denmark to a small town which was actually the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

Doing the Bachelor of Arts made it extremely easy to study subjects that were both relevant to my course overseas and my course here. So it was just a seamless transition and that is just something I've come back with. So much confidence!

I feel just that little bit taller that little bit more informed about who I want to be and where I'm going. Like my journal and photo diary has been a real page turner with my friends and relatives and I definitely miss it every day but at the same time it's lovely come home and have people who want to share with you and basically want to get involved.

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