Faculty of Education and Arts

Humanities and social sciences

Watch Alex Franet in the above video, talking about her experience studying the Bachelor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at FedUni (2:10 mins).

In essence, humanities and the social sciences are the study of the human condition - a field of study concerned with human behaviours, exploring the contours of culture and society across space and time. The study provides a perceptive framework of the processes of social systems and examines the impacts of social organisation on the individual and groups.

Central to our approach is to develop the way students think and to offer a diversity of enquiry through a broad range of disciplines. We expect our students to become skilled in the use of language, and in the analysis of evidence, in whatever context it may present itself.

Our programs combine a focus on contemporary culture and society together with a more traditional approach to the liberal arts. You will gain skills essential for any career path - the ability to research, present an argument, write persuasively, analyse information, communicate an idea and relate well to people.