Faculty of Education and Arts


Whether you have come straight from secondary education, are looking at a career change into teaching, or want to build on your existing skills, FedUni has options at undergraduate and postgraduate level from early childhood through primary and secondary teaching to vocational, adult and community education.

If you can demonstrate your passion for teaching and a desire to change lives through education, we want you. We select students based on future potential, not just past achievements. We focus on developing personal characteristics and building knowledge and skills to make great teachers.

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We provide a number of programs that qualify you to become a teacher


You can qualify as a teacher at an undergraduate level with one of the Bachelor of Education programs. Joint degrees are an opportunity to combine your teaching program with an area of specialisation from arts, community and human services, mathematical sciences, science or visual arts. This provides greater flexibility as you will be qualified to teach through to VCE level.

Entry requirements for these programs include a minimum ATAR of 65 and an assessment of personal attributes.

The Bachelor of Education Studies is a generalist degree for new students interested in careers in Education. It can prepare you for work in a variety of learning settings and enables you to discover more about the education system.

This program is offered using FedUni’s Open Access model and can provide a pathway into the Bachelor of Education.


You can qualify as a teacher at a postgraduate level with a Master of Teaching after completing an alternative bachelor degree such as a Bachelor of Arts. These programs provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a successful primary or secondary school educator. They are ideal for those looking to change careers or add a teaching qualification to their existing skills.


We have a strong and active community of researchers exploring all levels of education from the very early stages through to adult and community education.