How to use my Student Centre (mySC)

my Student Centre (mySC) is an online system which allows you to manage your administrative needs whilst studying at Federation University Australia (FedUni).

Please find below, step-by-step online tutorials and documentation to assist you with performing the following tasks in mySC.

Accept or decline your offer

Received an offer from FedUni? Instructions can be found on our Accepting your offer web page.

Enrol in mySC

Go to the VET enrolment page for instructions.

View your grades

If you don't know what your grades mean view the grade codes and descriptions

Update your personal details

It's your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are correct and up-to-date. To see how to change your address, email or phone number:

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View and print confirmation of your enrolment form

Need to provide evidence of your studies to Centrelink?

View your unofficial transcript

Official transcripts cannot be printed frommySC. To request an official transcript please complete a

VET Request for Academic Transcript form (pdf, 83kb)

View your invoice

Received an email to state your invoice is ready to view on mySC but don't know how to view your invoice?

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Pay your fees

Want to pay your fees online using your credit card?

Other payment methods can be found on your invoice.

View a hold on your account

Can't view your grades or produce an unofficial transcript? This may be because you have a 'hold' on your account.

A 'hold' is a temporary stop placed on your account, which may be applied for different reasons such as unpaid tuition fees or if you have an overdue library book.

View your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

Received a notice that your CAN is available?

Set up a refund profile

If you have requested a refund, we need to know how you would like to receive this. Please set up a refund profile to provide us with your bank details or advise you would like to receive this as a cheque.

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