Placement grant

This grant is to support undergraduate students who require financial assistance to ensure they are able to fully participate in the professional development opportunities related to their program.

There are two types of placement grants available that do differ in eligibility requirements.

  • Placement grants - To be eligible students must be enrolled full-time at a FedUni campus and be completing a placement in any year of an undergraduate degree. Students can apply for one KickStart placement grant per year. Eligible students can receive $100- $200 per week of placement (and a maximum of $1000) dependent on the following criteria:
    • Level of need as determined in KickStart registration
    • Distance traveled to placement
    • Additional information provided
    • Placement must be within Australia (we cannot fund overseas placements)
  • Rural Placement Grants - as part of the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training (RHMT) program. Eligible students can receive $200 per week of placement. To be eligible for the grant you must meet the following criteria:
    • Clinical placement must be of a minimum of 2 weeks and be full-time (full-time is 4 days per week or more) placement.
    • Placement must be in a rural area other than your home town and must be within Australia (we cannot fund overseas placements).
    • Students must be completing a course at Federation University Australia in nursing, paramedicine, midwifery, exercise physiology or social work.
    • Students must be an Australian citizen or resident
    • Students must be provided the opportunity to complete the DRH clinical placement evaluation survey at the end of their placement.
    • The student is not to have received any other assistance other than FedUni's Kickstart program to complete their placement from internal or external sources (such as the faculty or a SARRAH scholarship).

Additional information required

To apply for a placement grant you must complete the additional information form. We will determine which grant is relevant and send you a notification outlining the conditions of the grant. Please note you cannot receive both a KickStart or Rural Placement Grant for the same placement.

Placement Grant - Additional information online form