Attending face-to-face orientation

All online students are welcome to attend any of the events or activities being held at your nearest campus. It is a great opportunity to meet some students, participate in social activities, and meet some of the friendly staff who will be supporting you throughout your student journey.

Click here to find out what activities are happening on your nearest campus.

Meet your mentor

All online students are allocated a mentor to help support their transition to life as an online uni student. You will meet your mentor during orientation week via the online orientation moodle shell.

Click here to find out more about the mentor program.

Online orientation

All students have access to a Moodle shell which will help orient you to the university environment and get you ready for study. The modules in this short self-paced course will help answer important questions like how to get your student card, how to apply for scholarships, and strategies for online learning.

Head to Moodle to find the online orientation

FedReady self-paced

FedReady self-paced is your go-to course to help you get started at university. If you’re a first-year student looking for information on support services to assignment referencing, we have you covered. You can complete it at your own pace, or simply use it for information on specific topics.

You can access FedReady self-paced here.

School activities

Various School-based activities will be held throughout orientation and the first few weeks of semester, and will take place through the online student hub. Make sure you check your student email and Moodle forums regularly for any updates.

Library online

The FedUni library has some fantastic self-help resources including a subject guide especially for online students. You can also chat with a real live librarian and get help to find resources for your course.

Find out more with the online students library guide