Monday 23rd

Mt Helen Orientation: Day 1

Schedule subject to change.

9am - 10:45amInternational Students Session
C001 - International Students only
10:45am - 11:00amOfficial Welcome
C001  - All Students
11:00am - 12:00pmSchool Welcomes & Mentor Sessions - All Students
Business: F301   
Arts: T127 
Education & FAST: T204   
Science, Engineering & IT (SEIT): T101   
Health Sciences: B901   
Health Professions: H102
12pm - 2pm

Free Pot & Parma Lunch
Function Room, U Building
Join us for a relaxing pot & parma lunch. Meet and mingle with your fellow students.

Campus Tour (Goosechase)
Scavenger hunt for the masses. Fun photo and video challenges whilst you find locations and information. Track your opponents and win prizes. Ask your mentor how to register.
2pm - 2:30pmSchool Sessions
Business: F301   
Arts: T127  
Education & FAST: T204   
Science, Engineering & IT (SEIT): T101   
Health Sciences: B901   
Health Professions: H102
2:30pm - 4:45pmBusiness

2:30pm: Equity & Respect. Now. Always., F301
3:05pm: Academic Supports, Library
3:40pm: Your Health, T102
4:15pm: Financial Supports, H102
Arts, Education & FAST

2:30pm: Academic Supports, Library
3:05pm: Your Health, T102
3:40pm: Financial Supports, H102
4:15pm: Equity & Respect. Now. Always., F301
Science, Engineering & IT (SEIT)

2:30pm: Your Health, T102
3:05pm: Financial Supports, H102
3:40pm: Equity & Respect. Now. Always., F301
4:15pm: Academic Supports, Library
Health Sciences & Health Professions

2:30pm: Financial Supports, H102
3:05pm: Equity & Respect. Now. Always., F301
3:40pm: Academic Support, Library
4:15pm: Your Health, T102
4:45pm - 6:30pmUnwind Arvo
Albert Coates Bar, U Building
Games, music and snacks + 1 free drink token!