Your Senate members

Meet your 2017 Student Senate team! Find out more about the students behind the positions by checking out our social media channels for personal profiles.

The Student Senate elects leaders from within their team to take on additional duties to their rep position.

2017 Student Senate elected leadership

Chair: Amy Rickard

Vice-Chair: Eric Robinson

Current 2017 members

Academic Board rep
Amy Rickard
Sustainability Committee rep
Jessica Powell
International rep
Emilia Wu
Mt Helen TAFE rep
Sam McColl
Gippsland Campus rep
Eric Robinson
Gippsland Campus rep
Adam Farrell
Business Faculty Board Student rep
Adrian James
Health Faculty Board Student rep
Andrew Black
Sports rep
Rhys Jameson

Current vacant positions

  • Camp St performing arts rep
  • Camp St Visual arts rep
  • SMB Campus rep x 2
  • Mt Helen Higher Ed x 2
  • Horsham Campus HE rep
  • Horsham Campus TAFE/VET/VCAL rep
  • Distance Ed/Online rep x 2
  • Postgraduate rep
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Faculty of Education and Arts Board rep
  • Faculty of Science and Technology Board rep
  • FedCollege rep
  • TAFE board rep
  • Learning and Teaching Committee rep
  • Appeals Committee rep

Senate advisors

  • Darren Holland - Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Support and Services
  • Jerry Van Delft - Director, Student Connect

Senate executive officer

  • Anya Kelly - Student Advisory Service