Whatever your passion, you can make a change with that, and we're here to support you - whether that's helping you find the right person to contact, providing some training, organising a grant for you to set up a project, or through mentoring. Please just get in touch with any of us about anything, and we'll see where we can help out!

Naomi Biggs - Student Leadership Co-ordinator (All campuses)

Passion: The marine environment

Specialist subject: Cheesy 90s teen dramas (especially Dawson's Creek)

Can help with: Student Senate, leadership grants, saying yes to students' big ideas

Contact: or 03 5327 9832

Claire Morrissey - Student Leadership Officer (Gippsland and Online)

Passion: Youth leadership development, communication and girls' education

Specialist subjects: Netflix; trivia night general knowledge rounds

Can help with: Finding a role, leadership development, projects, awards, events

Contact: or 03 5122 6779

Cameron Pentland - Student Leadership Officer (Ballarat and Wimmera)

Passion: Physical education and sports

Specialist subject: Sports trivia

Can help with: Leadership and volunteering opportunities, development and support for students

Contact: or 03 5327 6867