Leadership grants

Leadership & Volunteering@FedUni offer two types of leadership grants to support students to experience leadership development opportunities and project managing. Priority may be given to students who demonstrate, within the KickStart application, additional financial and/or personal barriers to access these opportunities.

  1. Leadership Grant – This grant supports students to attend conferences, networking events and workshops which include an element of leadership development. The purpose of this grant is to support students to develop personal and professional leadership skills, as well as building networks. You can apply for a Leadership Grant here.
  2. Seedbank Grant – This grant is for students to use to fund a project or idea which has a key leadership component. The purpose of this grant is to support students to create a positive social impact on a particular community or on society in general, whilst developing their leadership and project management skills. You can apply for a Seedbank Grant here.

Value Up to $1000 (dependent on individual circumstances and the level of leadership development)

Eligibility criteria

  • Grants must be used for co-curricular leadership activities and cannot be used for course-specific initiatives
  • Grants are restricted to TAFE and undergraduate students
  • The applicant must be able to demonstrate a strong leadership component to the opportunity or project being funded
  • Successful applicants will be required to share their experience with other students either through a blog post submitted to fedpress, creating and delivering a leadership workshop or in another appropriate manner as agreed with the Leadership Program Coordinator
  • Students applying for a Seedbank Grant must create a full project management plan, with support from the Student Leadership Team if desired
  • A KickStart online registration form must be completed as part of the application
  • Retrospective grants will not be accepted.