Saumya Desai

Where are you now?

I work at IBM Ballarat, just down the road, as a Test Specialist on the ATO project.  It is a great opportunity to work for a Global organisation and to provide services to the Australian Government and the Australians. I have also volunteered to act as a fire warden at IBM.

What leadership/volunteering did you do at uni? What did you get out of it?

While I was at Uni I was involved with Student Senate & the executive committee of Golden Key. Through these roles I developed skills such as communication, organisational and team management, as well as getting a chance to see how meetings run. I also got plenty of free food…
It was a great opportunity for networking. I met lots of students, friendly and approachable staff members, Deputy Vice-chancellors, Vice-chancellor and Chancellor.  In fact I got my current job at IBM through this network and my involvement with the Leadership program at Uni.

Through the Leadership Program, I also attended the National Student Leadership Forum 2014 at Canberra through the Leadership program and got a chance to learn the concepts of leadership from the political leaders of this country. Through my involvement with Leadership/Volunteering program at Uni I have learnt that Leadership is the skill which you can learn & develop. It has made me to put my hand up for every opportunity which can help me to learn & grow.