Rob Thompson

Where are you now?

I work as a Graduate Accountant at RSM Australia in Ballarat. Since graduating, I have been busy settling into a new workplace, meeting new people, establishing a positive reputation and improving my personal brand. I also spent 3 months employed by the Leadership team immediately after finishing my course. Outside of work, I currently volunteer for a number of community groups and currently hold positions on various committees.

What leadership/volunteering did you do at uni? What did you get out of it?

I have always been very involved with community groups including the Maldon Brass Band, The Sebastopol Lion's Club and the Sebastopol Fire Brigade, where I am a crew leader and firefighter.
At Uni, I also took on a variety of on-campus Leadership roles, as founder of BUZZ – The Business Faculty Student Society and a Student Senate Representative for two years.

I feel that I wouldn't be in the position I am currently in today if I had not participated in the Volunteering and Leadership at FedUni, from developing a passion for community finance and how reports are presented to the community, from the many development sessions I attended.
The two sessions I found most beneficial were Public Speaking and Personal Branding. When I started Uni, I would freak out about public speaking and am remembered as receiving an award, getting up to speak and just saying 'thanks'. I have developed, and without the Leadership Development I did at Uni, this would not have been possible.