Leadership alumni

We love our exceptional student leaders so much, we want to stay in touch even after they leave! 

Leadership alumni

  • Are grads of FedUni/Monash Gippsland within the past 5 years
  • Were heavily involved in volunteering and/or leadership activities whilst at Uni
  • Are keen to share their experiences with current student leaders
  • Will receive invitations to come back and meet our current leaders at various events throughout the year such as our leadership conference and the end of year awards night.

Here are some of our alumni - please get in touch (student.leadership@federation.edu.au) if you are keen to join them!

Jess Kelly

L&V has helped me take advantage of as much as possible and build me into a graduate with the skills and passion...

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Jody Dontje

My life has changed through getting involved with leadership and volunteering - Now I run a not-for-profit initiative...

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Damien Ganley

As a teacher, leading people (through football, faith and education) has taught me a lot about being led...

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Rob Thompson

I have always been involved with community groups, and getting involved with leadership at Uni has helped me develop my skills immeasurably...

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Saumya Desai

Leadership is a skill you can learn and develop, and learning from political leaders in Canberra whilst at Uni helped me to grow so much...

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