Distance/online students

Wherever you study, you can join us

Volunteering and leadership can take place anywhere, and we recognise your efforts whether you are on campus, in the community, or at home. If you already volunteer or carry out a leadership position, you can count those hours towards your award. If you don't, we can put you in touch with an organisation that can help you find your perfect role near where you live. You can even volunteer online or in a different country!

For the development side of things, there are a few different ways for off-campus students to get involved: 

We currently offer three online workshops, each worth 5 points, which can be accessed through Moodle (http://bit.ly/FedLeadershipMoodle), and are planning to create more over the course of the year. We encourage students to take part in Community Impact Missions - very short term activities which help others in as little as 30 minutes! Each is worth a number of points depending on the time and effort commitment: http://bit.ly/FedUniCommunityMissions 

We also help fund students to attend leadership conferences across Australia - if you attend one, this will count as ten points for the awards.

To register, please click on 'Online Registration' on the left. Upon registration, you will receive up-to-date news, events and opportunities through our fortnightly newsletter.