Development and meeting people

After you register, we'll keep you up-to-date with info on our inspirational leadership development series (including our annual conference) and funding to participate in valuable leadership activities around the country. Getting involved with development activities can lead to you getting an award, which looks great on your resume as well!

We believe that all great leaders need other people to share ideas, build contacts and spark projects. We want to help you to meet other students, community members and leaders from all fields. Through the FedUNITED network, we bring together great people to work on great ideas.

For each development or networking activity you attend (whether it's one of ours, or something external) you gain points towards your Award. The table below shows the number of points available for common activities, based on the time and effort required for each one. If you are doing something that you think might be worth points, please just ask! The links below will be updated when new activities are announced.

Did you can also complete development activities through Moodle?!

1-7 points 3 points 5 points 7 points 10 points
Completing an online community mission
Attending an on-campus networking/guest speaker event (including LLL events with Res.)

Writing for our leadership blog
Attending an on-campus or online workshop

Attending an off-campus networking or guest speaker event

Participating in a 1/2 day community project
Attending an all-day training session Attending a leadership conference

Attending a multi-day training session