Overcoming limiting beliefs - Learning courtesy of my kelpies

Workshop Outline: Most of us have had the experience of being a learner. We have all at some stage been placed in a situation where we've faced a steep learning curve. It’s an uncomfortable space, one that seems to tap our doubts and uncertainties. The good news is that there’s quite a lot known about learning, including what’s likely to facilitate it, and what can hold us back. This session will help unpack some of what’s known about how you can succeed as a learner even when the task at hand is daunting. Join Maryanne as she unpacks her own particular story of being placed in the seat of ‘the learner’ as a "wannabe dog trialler” and also meet her kelpie dogs, who helped her push through her self-imposed limitations to finally take the competition field.

Facilitated by Maryanne Martin