The Team

We're here to help you out throughout the day. Please find us and ask if you have a question!

This is what we look like, and if we could make one change in the world, this is what it’d be:

Naomi Biggs

"I’d rid the oceans of all plastics. Stop using microbeads people!"

Claire Morrissey

"I’d end discrimination against girls to make sure all kids have access to a quality education."

Cameron Pentland

"I’d eradicate childhood obesity. Kids need to understand good food & the importance of exercise."

Ryan Hsu

"In this ever changing world and political climate, I’d like people to always research, think and evaluate rather than act on impulse."

Marianne Drake

"I’d promote ‘pay it forward’ with a good deed. One person pays it forward, and then another and another…"

Freda Webb

"I’d love to see the world with no conflict or fear.  Where compassion is first and foremost in people’s minds."

Luke Icely

"I’d eliminate small-mindedness and low expectations."

Ben Garnham

"Today’s society teaches us skewed perceptions of self. I’d change that view to one that is loving and proud of who we are."

Mee-Ling Doon

"I’d give everyone equal access to food, shelter, employment and everything else we have a right to."

Lilly Fry-McBean

"I’d make all humans more empathetic to others."

Kieran Schneider

"I’d encourage worldwide happiness by putting a smile on everyone's face."