The current tiered award system will be in place until the end of 2017. Volunteer hours can be counted towards awards from November 2016-October 2017 and points are gained from January-October 2017, unless by prior agreement. A leadership role is generally across the whole year and hours do not need to be recorded.

Leadership Award Bronze Volunteer Award Silver Volunteer Award Gold Volunteer Award Volunteer Hero Award
Leadership Role
+ 20 points
10 Volunteer Hrs
+ 10 points
25 Volunteer Hrs
+ 15 Points
50 Volunteer Hrs
+ 20 Points
150 Volunteer Hrs
+ 20 Points


Student development and community engagement opportunities enable students to gain new skills, knowledge, experiences and develop broad networks.

To discover more about how personal and professional development can contribute to career success, and how to demonstrate engagement and experience on an application or during an interview, contact Student Careers and Employment team.