Masterclass Series

Students can build skills, knowledge and experience by participating in one or many of our Masterclass Series events. Facilitated by industry experts and community leaders, our Masterclass Series provides students with the opportunity to undertake personal and professional development across a broad range of topics. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their employability skills, expand their networks and walk away from each Masterclass with tangible learning outcomes.

The Masterclass Series is free for all current students.

Semester 1, 2018

Our Masterclass Series in Semester 1 will include the following facilitators. For additional information about content and learning outcomes, please refer to the Masterclass Series flyer (pdf, 670kb).

Luke Owens

Founder of Bendigo for Homeless Youth and Finalist 2014 Young Australian of the Year

Session content and learning outcomes:

In this session, Luke will focus on his own experience of starting a grassroots non-profit organisation as a first-year uni student. Like will explore some of the challenges and highlights of his endeavour, as well as the key skills he has acquired since embarking on his journey.

Upon completion of this session, participants will have a greater understanding of the knowledge and skills required to pursue causes that are important to them and be inspired to harness their talents to create change within their communities.

BerwickTuesday 20/03/201812.30 - 1.30pm902 - 195Register here
Mt HelenFriday 23/03/201812.30 - 1.30pmCaro Studio 3Register here

Kalvin Hart

Community Engagement Manager, Thankyou

Session content and learning outcomes:

In this session, Kal shares the lessons they've learned along the Thankyou journey, and empowers participants with the belief that they have the power to change stuff.

Thankyou is a social enterprise which donates 100% of its profits from selling consumer products such as water, body care, food, and baby products, to fun access to safe water, sanitation, food, and maternal and child health initiatives. So far, they've given more than $5.5 million to help hundreds of thousands of people in need.

GippslandTuesday 27/03/201812.30 - 1.30pm5N158Register here
Mt HelenTuesday 24/04/201812.30 - 1.30pmCaro Studio TheatreRegister here
BerwickWednesday 16/05/20182.00 - 3.00pm902 - 195 Register here

Dominic Soh

Founder and Coach, Industry Bootcamp

Session content and learning outcomes:

Are you just another face in the crowd? Or are you the one the crowd faces? In a competitive world, it pays to differentiate yourself and to stand out because those who don't risk being ignored and made irrelevant. Develop the necessary mindsets to set yourself up for career success.

You will discover:

  • What is personal branding and how to define your own personal brand
  • How to produce and communicate your value
  • How to network like a boss
  • Strategies to take ownership of your career
  • See success as your duty and service to the world around you
GippslandMonday 23/04/201812.30 - 1.30pm1S103Register here
Mt HelenMonday 14/05/201812.30 - 1.30pmT 127Register here

Johanna Parker

Life and Confidence Coach, Speaker and Writer, Heart Sparks

Session content and learning outcomes:

Increased confidence in:

  • Recognising triggers for change
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating personal, group and community change
  • Gaining support and agreement from key stakeholders
  • Defining personal leadership and communicating the benefits of empowered reflection and decision making
  • Communicating change for mutual benefit

Participants will have identified:

  • Their core values
  • A personal, individual change plan and schedule for a change they aim to implement
  • Personalised change implementation self-care strategies
  • Personalised stakeholder and support lists and contacts
  • A personalised change risk analysis
GippslandThursday 17/05/201812.30 - 1.30pm1S215Register here

Minus 18

Australia's largest youth led organisation for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans youth.

Session content and learning outcomes:

Minus 18 aims to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) youth; to empower them, connect them with others and help them understand themselves. They do this through events, supporting resources, and campaigns. Each year Minus 18 events and resources reach more than 160,000 youth right across Australia.

This workshop delivers a high energy, youth driven approach to explore LGBTI experience through personal narrative, research and interactive activities.

Mt HelenMonday 07/05/201812.30 - 1.30pmT 127Register here