Federation Award

The Federation Award is a program open to all FedUni undergraduate students. It involves setting and achieving goals that will help the community and/or develop personal and professional skills. It aims to recognise student ambition, community impact and contribution, and personal and professional development. The Federation Award is designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit your skills and interests. It can include Community Impact goals, Personal and Professional Development goals, or a combination of both.

Steps to earn the Federation Award

  1. Register through Moodle (sign up to our Moodle shell if you haven't already).
  2. Set 2-3 achievable goals based on helping the community, developing your own skills, or a combination of both.
  3. Record and reflect on your experiences using your Moodle award journal.
  4. Fill in the Award Completion Application and attach your award journal. They will be forwarded to our completions panel, who will check you’ve ticked all the boxes to earn the Award.
  5. Come along/Skype in to a 10-minute meeting with our team to reflect on and celebrate your achievements (optional).
  6. Receive your Federation Award at the Student Engagement Awards or have it posted out to you.

The Federation Award can be completed within 6-12 months, or you can choose to take on a bigger project across your undergraduate degree. You can even choose to complete the Award program more than once. The choice is yours.

Community impact goals

These may include:

  • Volunteering on- or off-campus
  • Getting involved in community impact projects – through our Impact where you care program
  • Getting involved with a local sports team, club or group
  • Organising a community event/charity event
  • Planning or getting involved in a campaign on an issue you’re passionate about
  • Planning and running your own student-led project

Personal and professional development goals

These may include:

  • Conferences
  • Skills development sessions
  • Masterclass series
  • Networking events
  • Live, Learn and Lead breakfasts
  • Employability/careers workshops
  • Forum/seminars
  • External opportunities such as training or certificates outside of your university study
  • Planning and running your own student-led project