Student testimonials

This is what some of our students have to say about the LSA service.

Glenn - Graduate diploma business student

"I wish to say thanks to (the LSA) for assisting me in with my assignment...I have enjoyed working through my assignments and for the input as well."

Rachael - Third year nursing student

"I thank you for your allows me to learn in a positive environment and really believe in myself and believe that I have a real chance at becoming a RN and producing good work."

Second year arts student

"I am writing to let you know how very pleased with the support I have received. I think good writing is such a complex combination of skills….The advisor was very clear and professional with his guidance. I've seen myself in continuous improvement. Also, he responded to my assignments and resume with positive attitude. We both worked hard to improve my writing skills. As I was unable to access any other support it was a life saver."

Kayasha - First year education student

"I have gone to see (the LSA) a couple of times now and every time feel a lot more confident with my assignments and that anything I was questioning, I now understand. He has been able to help me break down the assignments and understand how to answer the question from the beginning, and not during, so I am on a clear track from the start. I am very grateful for his help."