Family and friends information session

It's important for first-year students to have the support of parents, partners, family, and friends to help make the most of their university experience. That's why the FedReady team hosts a free evening session where friends, partners and family members can find out the inside information about supporting a student studying at FedUni.

Information session

This short session will include information covering areas such as:

  • University terminology
  • Study modes at FedUni
  • Student's workload
  • Top study hints for students
  • How can friends and family help?
  • Family survival (for both student and family members)
  • Information for children with parent's studying
  • Support services FedUni offers

The session will include an academic support service staff and current students who will be available to answer questions and provide advice on how parents, partners, family, and friends can support first year students during their time at FedUni.

Register for info session

If you're a family member or a friend you can register your interest in FedReady Family and Friends information session.

If you're a student and have already registered for FedReady, you don't need to use this registration form.

You will receive information via email for the time and date of this information session closer to the program start of FedReady*.

*Around February for Semester 1, and July for Semester 2.

Want more information?

You can contact us by email at or call 1800 333 864 for any enquiries.