VET refunds

VET Refunds

Eligibility for a refund is assessed once the student has officially completed  a Withdrawal Form. All withdrawal must be discussed with the program area prior to submission. Withdrawal forms are available from the School and must be authorised by the student as well as a School representative. Advice of withdrawal made by telephone will not be accepted.

If a student has been deemed eligible for a refund Student finance will contact the student to determine the correct course of action. Students will be required to complete a refund application form which will be provided to them.

Students should read the VET Student Refund Procedure for more information.

Please note:

  • Refund of fees is not made automatically if a student withdraws from Government funded training or further education.
  • Students who withdraw, by written notice, from government funded training at any time up until 4 weeks after the scheduled commencement date of the course, will be refunded the tuition fee paid in respect of the enrolment, and may include other fees and charges paid by or on behalf of the student.
  • Cancellation of course by institute - Refund of all fees applicable to that course.
  • Taking up a place at another educational institution prior to the course commencement date will receive a full refund of all fees. Students must provide evidence of their acceptance and enrolment at another educational institution.
  • Withdrawals must be in writing, or by a signed Withdrawal Form. Any refund will be payable by cheque, credit card within 20 working days of the Withdrawal Form being received at the Student Centre.

Refunds for Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses

Students in courses where census dates apply have until the census date to formally withdraw from the course, in this situation, a full refund is payable.