Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a government-subsidised place students must meet the following eligibility criteria. Any student who does not meet the eligibility criteria will be charged the full fee tuition rate. A useful flowchart to assist in determining eligibility can be found at the following link Eligibility Flowchart (PDF, 397kb).

To meet the citizenship/residency eligibility requirements, a student must be:

  • An Australian citizen; or
  • A holder of a permanent visa; or
  • A New Zealander citizen


  • Be under 20 years old on 1 January in the year training commences; or
  • Be over 20 years old as at 1 January in the year of training commencement and seeking to enrol into a foundation course on the National Skills list course (This excludes applicants who hold a qualification at a diploma level or higher and applicants already enrolled in the Commonwealth Government's 'Skills for Education and Employment Program'); or
  •  Over 20 and seeking to enrol into an apprenticeship (not a traineeship); or
  • Over 20 and enrolling into a qualification at a higher level than any previously completed;


  • Not be currently enrolled in or due to commence two or more courses as a government-subsidised student within the current year; and
  • Have not previously accessed government funding in two or more courses at the same level as the course you are applying to commence.

All new enrolments must provide the following original documents or certified copies to determine eligibility into a government subsidised training place.

To confirm citizenship/residency you must provide ONE of the following original documents or certified copies: 

  • Australian birth certificate (not birth extract); or
  • Current Australian passport; or
  • Current New Zealand passport; or
  • Naturalisation certificate; or
  • Current green Medicare card; or
  • Formal documentation issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship confirming permanent residence; or
  • A signed declaration by a relevant referee

note: The university is required to maintain a copy of this evidence on our files for audit purposes.

And if the student's age is relevant to their eligibility (15-19 years old at 1 January 2015) and the document produced from the list above does not include a date of birth:

  • Australian birth certificate; or
  • Current drivers licence; or
  • Current learners permit; or
  • Proof-of-age card; or
  • 'Keypass' card

Documents other than those listed will not be accepted as evidence.