A domestic fee-paying place is one for which the University does not receive any government funding. Students enrolled in these places contribute to the full cost of their program.

Fee-paying students are required to pay their tuition fees directly to the University or, if eligible, may access FEE-HELP to cover some or all of their tuition fees.

FedUni tuition fees are program-based annual fees. This means the fees you pay will vary according to
the degree you are studying and your study load. The 2017 schedule of higher education tuition fees for domestic postgraduate students is available here.

Tuition fees are charged for each semester you enrol and you will pay fees according to your specific
enrolment. Fees are calculated for each course by multiplying the study load by the annualised fee. You will retain the annual fee which applies to your year of commencement until you complete your program or reach the cohort expiry.