Cross-institutional enrolment


Incoming cross-institutional enrolment is when a student is enrolled in one or more FedUni courses but are enrolled in a program at another university (referred to as their 'home' university).

Our courses will be credited to their program at their home university. Refer to the Schedule of Higher Education Fees for applicable fees and charges.

Process for students from another institution applying for cross-institutional enrolment at FedUni:

Steps Who is responsible? Comments
1. Complete application for Cross-Institutional Studies (Inbound) form, a Non Award/Single Subject form must also be completed, and HECS form if appropriate


The student must have approval from their home institution. Approval may be in the form of an official application form (Application for Cross-Institutional/Complementary Studies) or a letter from their home institution.
2. Program Coordinator approves form School  
3. Enter external student as new applicant Student Administration  
4. Offer and accept on behalf of student Student Administration  
5. Matriculate and term activate student Student Administration  
6. Enrol student Student Administration  
7. Create student ID card Student Administration  


Cross-institutional (outbound) study means that you may gain approval to study courses at another institution (host institution) and credit that study towards your award at FedUni (home institution).

Cross-institutional enrolment needs some preparation as you need to discuss your situation with your School to gain approval and then apply to the other institution before their closing dates.

Process for FedUni students applying for cross-institutional enrolment at another institution:

Who is responsible?
1. Download and complete hardcopy application for cross-institutional studies (outbound) form
2. Program coordinator assesses equivalent courses and approves form
3. Apply and attend course at another institution
It is the student's responsibility to provide the host institution with all required documentation.
4. Provide academic transcript to Program Coordinator
Upon completion of course at another institution.