Census dates

The census date is the deadline by which your enrolment and fees must be finalised for each semester. It is the last day that you can withdraw from a course(s) without incurring financial liability for student contribution or tuition fees.

If you drop a course from your enrolment on or before the semester census date the course will be completely removed from your record and you will not be charged student contribution/tuition fees or have a grade applied.

If you drop a course from your enrolment after the semester census date the course will remain on your record with a 'withdraw' grade and student contribution/tuition fees will be charged.

There is a census date for each course in which you are enrolled.

2017 Census Dates
(Ballarat, Gippsland, Wimmera and Berwick Campuses and Online Delivery)
Late Summer 2017 (1702) 20 January 2017
Semester 1, 2017 (1705)31 March 2017
Winter 2017 (1715) 14 July 2017
Semester 2, 2017 (1720)31 August 2017
Spring 2017 (1725) 15 October 2017
Summer 2017 (1727) 8 December 2017

For domestic students who have government support, the census date is also the:

  • last day you can make up-front fee payment to the University for the applicable semester;
  • last day you can apply for a HELP loan for the applicable semester; and
  • day you become liable for HELP debts for the applicable semester.

Whether you choose to pay your fees upfront, apply for a HELP loan, or a combination of both, you are required to finalise all of these arrangements by census date.